Quick Memos
About Quick Memos
The current memo application on the Treo was not built for the Treo and Centro. If was built for PDAs. With this, there are major usability flaws that make the current memo application not acceptable and sometimes a pain to use on the Treo and Centro. So we fixed this and added some great new features to increase your productivity. Some of which are highlighted below.
Superior Navigation
Quick Memos is the only memo application built specifically for your Treo and Centro with great focus on easy navigation, thumbscreening and maximizing the usage of the qwerty keyboard.
Mp3 Alarms
It would make sense if you could set reminders to memos. Well, how about any of your favorite mp3 tunes stored on your sd card.
Uses you existing Memos Database
Instead of reinventing the wheel we use the current memo database, allowing you to hot snyc and giving you great flexibility with your memos.
SMS and Email your Memos
Either by SMS or Email, you can send out a memo to an acquaintance.
Quick Memos allows you to search your memo, allowing you to instantly find text buried in long memos.
Mass Highlighting

This feature solves the limitation of the Treo with regards to highlighting whole words or multiple lines of text. Quick Memos solves his problem by allowing you to highlight whole words and multiple lines of text by simply pressing Shift and then any of the 4 directional arrows on the 5 way navigator.


Darn it… I forgot to….
You day is filled with unexpected stuff you have to do at different times. Trying to remember each of these tasks can be challenging. This is no longer necessary with Quick Memos. As things come at you during the day, simply type them in Quick Memos along with the time you want to be alerted and even the custom sound you want to remind you. You will be amazed how Quick Memos will save you from ever saying “Darn it… I forgot to….”
Put down Priceless ideas and important reminders
Whether you are a business person or a mobile accomplisher, Quick Memos provides the perfect medium for you to quickly jot down important thoughts that you can’t afford to forget and to set alarms for them.
The Perfect Mp3 Alarm Clock
You can also use Quick Memos to wake up to any of your favorite mp3s, starting your day in an enjoyable mood as opposed to some annoying alarm clock sound.
It ain’t right if it ain’t cool!!
That’s just how we do it over here at Gx5. Along with the default “Stickie Note” skin are some really cool skins you can download for free.
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