Introducing Deion "Prime Time" Sanders Hold On Playa App for iPhones and Android devices

Football Legend and Hall of Famer Deion Sanders has hit Twitter by storm with Hold On Playa aka #HOP, a comedic phenomena that has taken a life of its own. Now you can enjoy the hilarious Hold On Playa on your phone like never before. In real time you can see all the latest HOPs posted by all Twitter users. From there you can see Deion's favorite HOPs that will have you roflol-ing. When you come up with your own HOPs, you can send them to Deion right from the app. The premium version allows you to hit up your friends with Deion Sanders famous Hold ON Playa voice in 8 different flavors. Download it now for FREE from the iTunes App Store and Android Market.

Hold On Playa for iPhone Hold On Playa for Android

Hold On Playa for BlackBerry