Gx5 and its sister company, Efiko Software are looking for someone to spearhead the marketing of our current product line along with some upcoming products.
At Gx5 and Efiko Software, we create compelling software for popular mobile, desktop and web platforms.
We need someone who can cover the whole gamut of marketing from

Performing the down and dirty tasks that include:
-Connecting with users on forums
-Informing bloggers about our products
-Writing press releases
-Keep a constant daily pulse on technology news, blogosphere, twittersphere etc for new marketing concepts.

Performing managerial tasks that include:
-Coming up with marketing campaigns, concepts and visions
-Recommend new product ideas and features that will help in marketing
-Being able to evaluate the potential of product concepts presented by Product Managers
-On going analysis of website statistics/web ad campaign of our products
-Properly/smoothly communicate and negotiate with sophistication when dealing with potential partners and third parties
-Help determine product pricing
Here are the properties that we are looking for:

-Be able to speak and communicate in a highly professional manner
-Be a good writer
-Internet savvy, understanding and indulging in the latest web trends
-Gadget savvy, very well immersed in using Smartphones
-Web 2.0 savvy, very well immersed in web 2.0 social trends
-Decent understanding of the technology behind Smartphones and Web 2.0
-Be able to work at a blazingly fast rate with regards to unexpected marketing opportunities that come up via the web or any other form.
-Unshakable focus and tenacity ( stay on things that don't pan out at first)
-A guerilla marketing mentality behind a sophisticated facade
Below are some key projects that you will be heavily involved in

Ringtone Expressions
Work remotely and communicate via phone, Skype( voice, video and text) or any other IMs
Initial 1 month Pilot Period
-$n monthly salary + m% of all of Gx5 and Efiko Software net proceeds during the Pilot Period. Where n and m will be determined during negotiations.
Once the pilot period is over, we can gauge the progress and how well you fit and then work on a longer term agreement.
-At least twenty hours a week and be willing to put in as much as needed
-We favor someone that generally has a lot of time to give. Due to the growth rate of Gx5 and Efiko Software, time commitment required will increase
-We do not accept persons will fulltime jobs( 9-5 jobs). This means if you have other part time jobs, you must have the flexibility to attend to Gx5 matter during the day.
This position can lead to you becoming the head of Marketing at Gx5 and Efiko Software.
To apply for this position, please submit your resume to info (at)